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With Friends Like These (2007)

1. With Friends Like These
2. King Of The Honky Tonks
3. Save All My Pennies
4. Wild Turkey And 7 Up
5. White Walls
6. Shadow On My Heart
7. How Much Wine
8. A Shoulder To Cry On
9. The Simple Life
10. Dancing On The Edge Of Love
11. Whiskey-O
12. Mr. Record Man

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Crazy Things (2011)

1. Just One More Time
2. I Can't Be The One To Say Goodbye
3. Talk Of The Town
4. Crazy Things
5. Cold Neon Stare
6. Down To My Last Dollar
7. Maiden's Prayer
8. Hello, Whiskey!
9. Queen Of The Colorado
10. Half A Man
11. Texas

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